FLC specializes in commercial landscape construction.

Our mission is to beautify our communities through the
construction process while creating successful partnerships with
general contractors, vendors and our clients.  We pledge to meet
and consistently exceed expectations by incorporating innovative
technology with high quality products at a value to our customers
and our environment.

Our landscaping construction crews provide services throughout
.   FLC has been in business for more than two
decades providing professional landscaping construction,
irrigation and maintenance services. Our staff consists of
experienced project managers, supervisors, truck drivers,
equipment operators and laborers.
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P.O. Box 4847
Framingham, MA 01704
Toll Free:  (800) 447-4847
Toll Free:  (855) FRANNYS
RTH Riverway Residential
Kilmaranock Park
Sunrise Assisted Living
Pier 4 Waterfront
MIT Sloan School
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital